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New York Building Congress

The Building Congress is an industry-wide organization dedicated to advancing the growth and prosperity of the construction industry in and around New York City . By bringing together contractors, subcontractors, developers, architects, engineers, and skilled workers, the Building Congress provides a well-rounded forum to focus on important industry-wide agendas and to seek out beneficial solutions for the industry as well as the public it serves. James H. Jones, President of TDX, serves as Director of the Building Congress.

U.S. Green Building Council

The U.S. Green Building Council is comprised of national building industry leaders whose common goal is to ensure higher standards of sustainability and environmental efficiency in building construction throughout the United States . The members of the Green Building Council, in conjunction with environmental research organizations and federal, state and local government agencies, are working to develop new products and resources, guidelines and educational tools to further their mission. The Council has tremendous capabilities to bring about a more conscientious approach to designing, building and maintaining buildings. TDX Construction is proud to be a member.

Building Trades Employer's Association

Recognizing that a strong construction industry is essential to economic prosperity in New York City, the BTEA works to protect the interests of New York City Construction Trade Associations. The Association acts as a representative for contractors and trade associations in discussions regarding public policy and legislation impacting the construction industry, as well as providing a forum for mediating disputes. The BTEA promotes effective labor-management partnerships, communication between the construction industry and the public sector as well as safety training and procedures for members. James H. Jones is a Board Member and former Chairman of the Building Trades Employers' Association.

Building Contractor's Association

BCA is a contractors trade association representing more than 100 major Construction Managers, General Contractors and Trade Contractors in New York City , Long Island, and Westchester County . On behalf of its members, the Building Contractors Association negotiates, signs and maintains collective bargaining agreements with 14 Building Trades Unions. The BCA also serves as a resource to contractors by sponsoring education and outreach programs, assisting in the resolution of grievances and jurisdictional disputes, and providing a forum for companies to address issues affecting the construction industry in the New York Metropolitan area. James H. Jones, P.E., President of TDX, is a Board Member and past President of the BCA.



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